A Can for Jumma

When we don’t show up and speak up we are easily demonized. Our absence from civic engagement and discourse, limits others from knowing us and understanding us. SAY YES to this important community service project. You can order your own poster and instructions today.

A Can for Jumma Sticker $40.00 USD Size: 161/2″ X 26
Box with Sticker $71.00 USD Size: 161/2″ X 26
A Can for Jumma Poster $20.00 USD

A Can for Jumma Options

SERVE: A Call to Muslims

SERVE: A Call to Muslims


The Heart of Winning Negotiation

Soraya blends her legal expertise of over a decade with her uniquely diverse background to inspire people to negotiate consciously. Negotiation is at the heart of everything we do. At home, at work, or around the world, conscious and knowledgeable negotiators have the winning edge. This powerful audio CD will empower you to negotiate successfully and thrive in today’s sophisticated world.

1 hour Audio CD | $19.95

Peace Matters

In this book Soraya inspires us to take personal responsibility for peace making. She empowers her readers to move beyond the confines of narrow nationalism, rigid religious dogma and economic disparity to create a world where there is no more a senseless environment of seperation. The practical skills she sets out are urgently needed to create a more peaceful world.


Mastering the Art of Success

In today’s competitive business world, success has become an art form and those who master it are considered “lucky.” Perhaps, luck might not have as much to with becoming successful as good old-fashioned hard work and being willing to learn and grow.

he Peace Moms, Nadyne Parr and Soraya Deen team up with world renowned authors, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, and Les Brown to offer their heartfelt stories and perspective on success as it relates to celebrating the differences in their unique friendship.

Mastering the Art of Success is a valuable addition to your continuing education library. You will learn from it, and it just may change your life.

So take a little time for yourself. Kick back, read this book, and start a new chapter in your life. You’ll be glad you did!


101 Conversations – Promoting Human Connection

Imagine waking up every day and making a commitment to get to know someone new? Better still getting to know someone you already know, deeper… We don’t need to be rocket scientists or have a PH D to engage someone in conversation. When we have the right questions that enable connection, we are more inclined to initiate conversations; with a stranger at the supermarket, a colleague at work, a participant at a workshop, a friend, a partner at home, or one you are seeking. We must remember that our conversations (meaningful) holds the world together and is the most meaningful tool to strengthen all our relationships.

101 Conversations is a simple but powerful way to ask the right question that can promote communication and connection anytime anywhere with anyone. It is a powerful tool to remember your higher purpose (Simran) and strengthen your beloved communities (Sathsang).

101 Conversations will elevate your personal awareness of the world that what you are creating and the solutions you are seeking. You will be empowered to search for answers to the tough questions you hesitated to ask.

Take a peek at some of the Conversations you can have…..